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About Your Local Restoration Specialists

Restoration Specialists is a Florida state-certified general contractor, fully licensed and insured

Our Company

Restoration Specialists is a Florida state-certified general contractor, fully licensed and insured. We’re the experts to call for emergency repair, restoration, and damage control management. We’ve been the industry leader for over 40 years, and we’re here to stay.

What’s our secret? It’s having a team of talented professionals with unsurpassed technical knowledge, an unrivaled work ethic, and genuine compassion for the trauma felt by those having to face a loss. Big corporations and franchises can only try and fake it. We’ve helped thousands of Floridians rebuild. We’d be honored to help you next.

Restoration Specialists has grown to cover 19 counties in North Central Florida and we provide emergency services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. There’s a reason so many local insurance agents recommend us and only us to clients in need.

Our Values

We don’t look at our work as simply doing a job and moving on to the next one. Because we’re a local, family-owned business, our management and staff love the communities we serve. We’re not some large publically traded company forced to put shareholders or franchise interests first. You are always our number one priority.

Restoration Specialists is involved in many local business associations and sponsor or spearhead several community-based initiatives like our Firefighter of the Year program. We live our values of hard work, integrity, and putting others first. That has created a strong bond with the community that we take incredible pride in.

Restoration Specialists - local, family-owned business, our management and staff love the communities we serve.
Restoration Specialists has been the uncontested industry leader in Restoration business since its establishment.

Our Leadership

Restoration Specialists has been the uncontested industry leader since its establishment in 1972.  We are not controlled by a corporate board miles and miles away. Decisions are made locally and our CEO, Bob Preusler, has been a familiar face in our service area for decades. He attributes the company’s continued success to never compromising on the company’s mission to give all it can to those in their time of need. Along with Bob, you’ll find the corporate team of Eric Erhlund, General Manager, Debbie Kraemer, Finance and Administration and Jim Freeman, Operations Manager, all leading our expert team of project managers, estimators, and craftspeople.  To work at Restoration Specialists you have to be a good person to turn to. We’re so blessed to have a team that genuinely lives up to that pledge.