Unknown to Wood Sap

Cleaning Tips: Unknown to Wood Sap

If a stain cannot be identified, treat with cool water first, then sponge with a good quality laundry liquid solution. Rinse well and if stain persists try equal quantities of methylated spirits (wood alcohol) and ammonia, testing first to note effect on color and fabric. If color is affected, omit ammonia. As a last resort, try a mild bleach, e.g. a diaper wash/sanitizer containing sodium percarbonate.

These stains differ in composition, so that the same method may not be successful in all cases. Normal urine is usually acid. First soak in a solution of a diaper wash/sanitizer containing sodium percarbonate or sponge with a solution of 1 tbsp household ammonia in warm water. Rinse well. If this is not successful, try equal quantities of vinegar and warm water in case the stain is alkaline. Rinse well in warm water. For stubborn stains, sponge with diluted hydrogen peroxide, then wash or sponge – rinse with clear warm water. Old stains may destroy the color of the cloth and nothing can be done to restore it in this case.

Sponge with warm water containing a little ammonia. If extensive, dampen and sprinkle with pepsin powder, leave half an hour, then rinse off. OR soak washable articles in a diaper wash/sanitizer containing sodium percarbonate.

Water Spots
Some silks, rayons and wools are spotted by water. To remove such spots, hold in the steam from a rapidly boiling kettle. It is wise to cover the spout with butter muslin first to prevent any droplets of water reaching the fabric. Allow the fabric to become damp, but not wet. Shake and press while still slightly damp, rubbing, if possible, with a piece of the same or a similar material, or with fingernail or spoon. Water stains on carpets become brown because of impurities from backing or underfelt. Mop up spills, wipe with cool water, cover with pad of blotting paper, tissues or absorbent cloth. Weight down with books, etc., and dry quickly with the aid of fan heaters, vacuum exhaust, etc. This causes stain to wick through to absorbent material. Repeat if required.

Red Wine? Immediately pour White Wine on the affected area and soak up. Then wash in cold water and ammonia. White Wine? Wash in cold water and ammonia. If unsuccessful, follow other treatments under Alcoholic Beverages.

  • Treat promptly
  • Try mild measures first
  • Rinse thoroughly

Wood Sap
Turpentine (enamel paint thinners) 1 part and dishwashing liquid 4 parts. Mix together and rub in to the sap stain. Leave for 20 minutes and then wash in water and your usual laundry detergent as hot as the fabric will allow. You may have to repeat this process.

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