Our Staff

Restoration Specialists’ reputation is the best in the business. In fact, our reputation has drawn some of America’s finest contractors, construction managers, estimators, production supervisors, and support staff to offer their expertise and unique skills to our company. It is this team of professionals that comprises the backbone of our firm.

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 Eric Ehrlund  eehrlund@restorationspecialists.com  Corporate General Manager – CGC
 Brian Mallard bmallard@restorationspecialists.com  Corporate Operations Manager – CGC
 Debbie Kraemer dkraemer@restorationspecialists.com  Corporate Finance and Administration Manager
 Ben Torricelli btorricelli@restorationspecialists.com  Corporate Business Development Manager
 Adam Preusler apreusler@restorationspecialists.com  Corporate Information Systems Administrator
 Steve Bender sbender@restorationspecialists.com  Estimator – Brooksville
 Mike Smith msmith@restorationspecialists.com  Project Manager – Brooksville
 Ernie Terry eterry@restorationspecialists.com  Project Manager – Gainesville
 Bill Barry  bbarry@restorationspecialists.com  Project Manager – Gainesville
 Dave Risor drisor@restorationspecialists.com  Estimator – Gainesville
 Karl Nettles knettles@restorationspecialists.com  Estimator – Gainesville
 James Shupe jshupe@restorationspecialists.com  Project Manager – Lake City
 Chris Pierce cpierce@restorationspecialists.com  Estimator — Lake City
 Jim Castonguay jcastonguay@restorationspecialists.com  Estimator – Lecanto
 Dick Patterson dpatterson@restorationspecialists.com  Sr. Estimator – Lecanto
 Todd Bemis tbemis@restorationspecialists.com  Project Manager – Lecanto
 Jonathan Gleason jgleason@restorationspecialists.com  Project Manager – Lecanto
 Thomas Smith tsmith@restorationspecialists.com  Estimator – Leesburg
 AJ Friedrich afriedrich@restorationspecialists.com  Project Manger – Leesburg
 Rick Patterson rpatterson@restorationspecialists.com  Sr. Project Manger – Leesburg
 Chris Fountain cfountain@restorationspecialists.com  Estimator – Ocala
 James Reining jreining@restorationspecialists.com  Project Manager – Ocala
 Greg Smale gsmale@restorationspecialists.com  Sr. Estimator – Ocala
 Phil Sales psales@restorationspecialists.com  Estimator – Leesburg
 Roy Spry rspry@restorationspecialists.com  Project Manager – Ocala